Celebrating the Women of Millwood: Part 1

On this International Women's Day, we would like to introduce the women of Millwood and offer their stories.

Across departments and the country team members share their experiences, from what it's like to be a working woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, to how young women can succeed in this industry and what challenges they may face. 

Sales and Sourcing Management

What would you tell a young woman interested in your position?

“Be confident in what you know and don’t let anyone discourage you from passing along your knowledge to others.” –Kristi Waid, Sourcing Manager

 “Learn as much as you can and become the guru in your field. Women have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously. Knowledge is power.” –Amy O’Connell, Regional Sales Manager

What do you love about being a woman in your career?

“I love that my career allows me to provide a stable secure life for my family. The quality of life my career provides allows us to do extra activities on weekends and go on family vacations.  I have also been able to be a successful example to my kids that you can overcome obstacles, and  challenges if you work smart and not give up on the career goals you set for yourself.“ -Tonya Taylor, Regional Sales Manager

Customer Service Representatives

What challenges do you face as a woman in your position?

“I hate the pressure to be a specific type of women working or otherwise.  Do what makes you happy and don't try and live up to someone else's expectation.” –Jessica Bell-Sullivan, CSR

What goals do you have, either in your position or as a working woman?DSC_0356_MEDRES

“As a new working mom, I did not want to lose my identity as a woman in the workforce. I have made it my personal goal to continue to grow in knowledge, skills and achievements. I feel it is very important for our society and culture to encourage women to have a strong presence in the workforce, especially in the manufacturing and packaging industry.” –Sam Coie, CSR

What do you love about being a woman in your career?

“One reason that I love being a working woman because I feel that it sets a great example for my two daughters. My husband and I are able to provide more for our family with both of us working and live more comfortably than if I were to choose staying at home. I’m proud of the fact that my girls see their mother working hard each day and managing both home and work responsibilities. I'm hopeful that it will give them a sense of what they’re capable of balancing as they grow older and into adulthood, as well as knowing that they can be independent at any time as adults.” –Sarah Drennen, CSR

“I like the freedom to make decisions within my job.” –Kim Danessa-Weigel, CSR

What would you tell a young woman interested in your position?

“Don't let anyone talk down to you or make you feel incompetent. Learning new skills for any job takes time and practice; don't quit, and don't feel like you're bothering anyone because you have a lot questions.” –Brianna Cohol, CSR

“Be organized at home and at work, prioritize, you will then save time looking for things and will have more time to work on the important tasks.” –Toni Constantino, CSR

“I would advise her not to be intimidated by being a female in a traditionally male-dominated industry. There is a lot of value in learning how to adapt and succeed in an environment where women have typically been underrepresented. I would also advise women who want my job (or any job for that matter) to be ambitious and relentless in their pursuit of a career. Go outside of your comfort zone. Ask for the promotion. Ask for the raise. Perform to the very highest of your ability and work your behind off. And don’t ever let anyone deter you from pursuing success.” –Gretchen Bateman, CSR


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Author: Paige Greene