Celebrating National Bad Poetry Day

A Pallet Poem

Pallets are made in all sorts of shapes,

Dr. Seuss.pngLike block pallets that are very strong.

But if you are looking for a little less wood,

With a stringer pallet you can’t go wrong.


Some pallets come from a mix of soft woods,

Like Cedar and Spruce and Pine.

But if you want something a little more sturdy

Then hardwoods will also do fine.


Some pallets aren’t even made out of wood,

Sometime they’re made out of plastic.

We have all different kinds, if that’s what you need,

We think any pallet’s fantastic.


So what will you put on the pallet we give you,

Medicine, bottles, or food?

Pallets will carry whatever you need,

That’s why they’re so highly reviewed.

Author: Paige Greene