Celebrating Bosses!

Today is National Boss' Day, and several team members jumped at the chance to sing the praises of their managers. The overhwelming respect, pride and enthusiastic loyalty is one of the unique characteristics of Millwood's family spirit. To celebrate those managers that have made a difference in the life of their employees, we wanted to share just a few of the testimonials that were sent in sharing why our team members are proud to work under their managers. While we like to give respect and praise to all members of the team, today is a special day to take note of those individuals who deserve a little extra praise on National Boss Appreciation Day.


Bridget Rettger - Controller


"What I respect and admire most about Bridget is her knowledge of the company and the accounting systems within. I really don’t think people realize the complexities of this accounting system – I am impressed daily as I watch how Bridget navigates through it all.  She understands the depth of each transaction when we are only looking at the surface level.  She’s amazing, and I appreciate her patience as she teaches me."
Jamie Wilcox, Accounting Clerk

"The wealth of knowledge she has in not only accounting but also I.T. just amazes me on a daily basis!"  
-Rhonda Brown, Accounting Clerk

Joe Pecchia - Director - Strategic Accounts


"What can I say about Joe, other than... he's the best bost ever! I start each office day with a “good morning Curly” and a big hug. His door is never closed nor his phone on DND. He has an open door policy which allows me to bounce ideas and problems around with him until we reach a satisfactory resolution.  Doesn’t matter how much time he has to set aside for Millwood Natural, he always has time to teach me what  I need to make a smart decision. He always asks about my family and there is no question that he sincerely cares about his employees as people. His patience in teaching me what I need to learn to do well in the Millwood Natural role is endless!" 
-Carrie Howells, Environmental Products Manager 

Laura PhilibinCustomer Service Representative Manager


"I’ve had the pleasure of being the first CSR that Laura had managed, before she became the CSR manager. She has an infectious enthusiasm for wanting everyone to learn and grow better as an employee and as a person. She is relatable to talk to and makes herself available for everyone when she is needed." 
-Sam Coie, Customer Service Representative

"Laura exhibits kindness and innovation in her leadership style and is always looking for new ways to better our work environment. She is always open and accepting of all feedback she is given and encourages each of us to be successful. Her trust and genuine willingness to listen are both refreshing and motivating!" 
-Gretchen Bateman, Customer Service Representative

Doug GaierDirector - Regional Sales


"Doug has a great outlook on things, and is able to find either the humor or the positive in bad situations.
He always makes himself available to his team, and motivates us to reach our highest potential."
-Kyle Countryman, Assistant Director of Eastern Regional Sales

"Doug is a great manager because he leads his team by example representing Millwood’s Pillars every day.  Doug does not expect any more from his team than he is willing to give which motivates us to work just as hard." 
-Doug Flere, Assistant Director of Central Regional Sales 

Jenna BylerManager - Marketing Communications


 “Jenna is such a great leader. She has a natural presence about her that exuberates confidence, and that has certainly rubbed off on me in the last three years. Jenna is caring and very understanding. Whether she realizes it or not, she – almost daily – shows me how to be a great manager. Lastly, I couldn’t ask for a more caring boss, one who understands and appreciates the importance of family.” 
-Josh Stipanovich, Marketing Projects Specialist

Is your company doing anything to celebrate the hard-working managers and directors that keep things running smoothly? We'd love to hear about it in the comments! In the meantime, make sure you remember to thank your mentors today!
Author: Paige Greene