Celebrating Arbor Day

Millwood is in the business of trees. 

We reuse and recycle old pallets as well as select cut our timber for new pallets because we know how important our renewable resources are. We care deeply for reforestation and continued preservation of our environment. 

On Earth Day, we pledged to donate one tree for every like on our facebook post. As a result, Millwood is gifting 64 trees to the Replant Amazon project in honor of our customers. After they are planted, we will receive a geotag and photo updates to track our small progress in rebuilding the world's rain forests.

Why are we so excited for each one of those very important trees? Check out some of the awesome things they do for our planet!

  • One large tree will capture and filter 36 gallons of water a year. 
  • More than half of the U.S. water supply comes from our forests. 
  • In just one day, a large tree can absorb 100 gallons of water and send that moisture back into the atmosphere to cool the earth. The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-sized air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.
  • An average sized tree will create 260 pounds of oxygen. Two trees can create enough oxygen for a family of four. 
  • More than 20 percent of the world's oxygen comes from the Amazon Rainforest
  • Within a year, one acre of trees will absorb the CO2 emitted from a car after 26,000 miles. 

Thank you to all our customers, friends and fans for making this program a success! We can't wait to share our tiny forest's progress. 

Author: Paige Greene