Throwback Thursday: Hardwood vs Softwood

Wood is generally separated into two categories:hardwood and softwood.But why is balsa wood, one of the softest woods of all, considered a hardwood? Why is a yew tree classified as softwood even though it’s much harder than many hardwoods?

Author: Paige Greene
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Millwood Sales Team is Growing Rapidly

Several new team members have joined Millwood, Inc. in recent months. We have increased our sales team by 20 percent. Due to disruptions in the supply chain, Millwood was able to fill the need for customers who needed a more reliable supply.

Author: Jessica Chizmar

Celebrating Voter Registration Month

Turn on the TV or radio and you’re sure to hear political ads from politicians asking for your vote. The election season is upon us, and the messages are impossible to avoid.

Author: Paige Greene