Never Giving Up: The Story of Cliff Owen

In vlog 14, host Josh Stipanovich introduces us to two very special team members at our Cleveland, TN location.

Author: Paige Greene

CORE Erosion Control Services Filter Socks Approved for Use in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has approved the use of CORE filter socks for erosion and sediment control. The approval means the CORE Erosion Control Services team can now bid on and accept TDOT projects moving forward.


Millwood Adds Sock-Knitting Machines to Manufacturing Line

As our CORE Erosion Control Services sales team continues to grow their territories and expand the business, Millwood is looking to new ways to serve our customers and adapt to the growth. As a result, we are now the proud owners of a small army of sock-knitting machines.

Author: Paige Greene

Fun Fact Friday: Why Do We Say "Knock on Wood?"

Most of us are familiar with the superstition of knocking on wood for good luck. After making a statement about our good fortune or an optimistic prediction, we tap our knuckles on the nearest wooden surface to prevent our luck from turning. In situations where wood is not physically available to ward off misfortune, a verbal expression of “knock on wood” will suffice.

Author: Jessica Chizmar

Millwood Adds Heat Treatment System to Offerings

Millwood, Inc. recently became the exclusive distributor of a uniquely designed pallet heat treat system.