A Millwood Case Study: Optimizing Warehouse Space

Efficient space management is a critical element in any warehouse operation for safety reasons and cost-efficiency. A Millwood customer found themselves confronted with a major challenge in managing their warehouse space. Our packaging experts found a way to help streamline their warehouse space without compromising their operations.
The Problem
This customer was using several pallet SKUs to accommodate their clients' many different types of products. All of these pallets had to be kept indoors, which took up valuable warehouse space, hampering the efficiency of the operations.
Millwood’s Solution
Millwood’s first step in approaching this problem was to utilize the Millwood Lab, our ISTA-certified testing and design laboratory located at our corporate headquarters in Vienna, OH. Our goal was to create a universal pallet design that would cater to all product requirements without sacrificing strength or functionality. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and our industry expertise, we analyzed the units in use and developed a single SKU that could effectively accommodate a diverse range of products.
Successful Results
By standardizing the pallet SKU, we were able to dramatically condense the pallet footprint, freeing up 960 square feet (15,360 cubic feet) of warehouse space. This optimization led to significant cost-savings, an increase in operational efficiency and a more orderly warehouse environment.
Millwood’s comprehensive, customized approach to unit load technology allows us to turn complex challenges into manageable solutions for our customers.
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Author: Jessica Chizmar