A Day in the Life of Millwood’s Techies: Vlog 8

In today’s vlog, Josh speaks with two members of the IT team at Millwood, Tom Kirk and Sheila Factor, to learn more about what it means to be a programmer for Millwood. They explain what they do on a day-to-day basis and specific projects they’ve worked on to help make the workflow at Millwood easier and more streamlined.

Tom, who started as an intern and has been with Millwood for two years, explains that he wrote a program for the accounting department so that they could file invoices electronically rather than a paper filing system. This way, they can also look them up electronically.

Sheila tells us about similar projects that she’s worked on for Millwood, including a program to allow hourly team members to swipe in for shifts rather than using a punched timecard. This stores the information and sends it directly to payroll software, which cuts back on manual data entry.

The work that the IT team does behind the scenes makes work easier for the rest of the Millwood employees. Check out the vlog below to learn more about the department that is so integral to helping Millwood succeed.


Author: Jessica Chizmar