A Day in the Life of Inside Sales: Vlog 7

Join us as we follow two of our inside sales team members, Kim Danessa and Janet Fleischer, as they walk us through their day-to-day process. These busy team members are the backbone of our company, and often the person our customers and vendors interact with the most.

“We’re responsible for data entry, putting on sales and purchase orders, talking to customers and vendors and solving their problems, managing the credit limits and receivables, working on invoicing…,” Kim says, only touching on some of the many responsibilities our inside sales representatives handle.

Many team members come in early or stay late to ensure they are available and attentive when calls come in. Kim is usually here an hour before the rest of the team, and Janet is notorious at the corporate office for working until 9 or even 10 PM.

“Once you get here and the phones start ringing at 8, it’s very hard to get your paperwork in,” says Kim, who handles our Eastern territory with her Regional Sales Manager counterpart.

Check out the video below and learn about these hard-working women and their department. Vlogs are posted on our YouTube channel every other Thursday. Be sure to check back on December 5th for our next episode!


Author: Paige Greene

Categories: Vlog